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Eden’s New Nuru Review


LINK:  Eden’s New Nuru Review ~ WINGMANUSN

Most of you have heard the joke about the old bull and his son standing at the top of a hill with a herd of cows at the bottom….The young bull says, “Dad, let’s run down this hill and fuck one of those cows.”

His dad replies, “No, Son…Let’s walk down this hill and fuck ALL of those cows”….

In many ways,  with exception to the spiritual nature of the Eden experience, this says it all…..


Many of the younger of our brothers want to get in, get it on, get off and get out…instant gratification…put out the raging fire….

but that cheats us of the Eden experience….

Many older brothers (and I couldn’t imagine it possible when I was young) find the build-up actually more enjoyable than the release…just as the appetizers are often more interesting than the main course……the act of full-service, can often be not quite as exciting as the erotic prelude, in all its forms.


To truly have the Eden experience, we all have to suspend the norm of our standard hobbying…


For me, I had to suspend my urge to get in and give a woman pleasure right away to enhance my own..head straight for DATY…not this time…

This is absolutely not an escort experience…Neither is it a body rub…nor is it just nuru, as you might think…

Even to call it Tantric, falls short..

This experience is a swirling, slow, scenic-route, tram ride through your own, psyche, spirit, mind and body…..a ride in which you certainly know what the final climax will be…

but instead of rushing there, headlong like a roller-coaster, you move slowly..stopping to fully engage the scenery, stepping off for a moment to  smell the flowers, feel  and taste the dew-laden grass that blankets the rolling hills, and  inhale the ever-changing  scents of physical transition……

It’s about Eden using her body like fingers, and her breathe like scented oil…

It’s as if her entire body is her hand and her mouth…and your entire body is your penis…and she turns the experience into a slow sensual BJ and HJ of her body over yours…..

And if you experience, only, this ever-so-slow crescendo of an hour and a half of building, to a final incredibly explosive last half hour of pure animal lust for your both, you will have enjoyed the most wonderful sexual experience you will ever have…..

But there’s more…..and the more is up to you….

If you look deep into those dark, old-soul eyes, and you truly hear and feel her spirit approach, you’ll extend this incredible journey, hand-in-hand, to a place that she knows well, but few ever experience….

A place not of blending, or even intertwining, but a full-on  emulsion  of your body and spirit with hers…

A union so complete that you won’t know where you end and she begins…and you’ll feel an explosive flood of mutual bliss that you may experience only once in your lifetime…….but it will set your standard for encounters of any kind forever…


Save up as you would for a trip to Disney….sell your motorcycle because after Eden, every ride will be a disappointment….empty your penny jar….dig under the cushions of your sofa…whatever it takes…get the dough together and see this beauty…..for the full two hours….


When you do, you’ll become part of a very special fraternity within a fraternity…and you’ll say, as I do,


“For those who have seen her, there’s no need to discuss it….

For those who have not, they’d never understand……”




Goddess Eden: A True Gift From Heaven


LINK:   Goddess Eden: A True Gift From Heaven 


Goddess Eden… somehow the word Goddess before her name is the perfect fit.
If there were an award to be given for putting the most effort into her sessions, Goddess Eden would win it first place.
Her Nuru session is outstanding. Hands down it is the best adult experience you can have.  I cannot compare it to another sensual rub or an escort experience because it is unique. 
She keeps getting better and better. Just when I think she can’t possibly top herself at something, she somehow manages to. 
Goddess Eden is all about the touches.  She is as “high-class” of an experience there is to have. 
Her new spa is luxurious and in an exclusive area. She has an Oriental theme to her decor, and most of the walls are covered with mirrors. When you walk in, there is music playing on a powerful sound system, candles everywh ere, incense lit, and it is spacious and clean.
She is graceful and flexible, her moves rival that of a gymnast. She does every kind of body contortion you can imagine. She even did a split one inch over my face that was a maneuver so hot I almost lost it right then and there. The back bend against my cock at the end was where I actually lost it though. 
She wiped me down after the session with a hot moist towel she pulled out from a warmer. Nothing worse than someone coming at you after a great session and ruining your afterglow by using a dry paper towel. She has a changing area set aside with an oriental screen, a jewelry box to place my watch in, and even a bathrobe to wear until I was ready for the Nuru so I did not have to walk across the room undressed.  Her bathroom was stocked with every possible amenity I could ever desire.  Even the shower was great, strong with plenty of hot water.
She has an eerie way of making the session last the entire time. I was rock hard the entire time ready to go the whole time but she did not let me go until the end. I was in pure ecstasy  throughout the entire 90 minute session. 
Goddess Eden looks extremely youthful. Her curves are better than ever. She looks very fresh and and vibrant. The woman exudes sensuality. She should be on every heterosexual man’s bucket list. 



Eden – I Want To Run Through Her Wicked Garden, She Ran Through Mine!




The date happened about a month ago. It’s still stuck in my head.

In a Good Way!

I’m not trying to be vague with this review its just hard to quantify what happened I’m not even sure I ‘m writing this in the right forum

I’ve never experienced what she offers the way she offers it

She truly is a Goddess, Master and Artist Superior of her Craft!

I don’t think I’ve ever had 2 hours go by so fast

Everyone should try at least once IMHO

Thank Eden you Rock



Dreaming of an Artist



I was just back from a quick trip to Paris to spend a couple days enjoying some of my favorite art and immersing myself in the sensuality and aesthetic stimulation I always find while there. A bit tired from my journey I fell asleep while contemplating the deep connection the artist has with the medium with which she or he is working. My mind seized this moment to bring Eden into my imagination and my world of fantasy. I walked though her door to find a sensual beauty, an artist skilled in connecting with her medium to help it realize the apex of sensuality. We engaged in a long warm sensual embrace before i walked through her garden to put on my robe in preparation for giving myself over to her artistic touch. Within minutes my robe had dropped to the floor and I was ready for this erotic artist to work her magic on my body and my mind, I was her medium for creating erotic fantasy and sensual delight. I laid dreaming on her table while feeling the gentle but definitive brushes of her hair across my body and the deep yet erotic strokes of her skilled hands and full breasts moving intentionally over every inch of the back of my body. I could feel her moistness as she engaged her entire body to mold mine into a new being and as I glanced into the mirrors I could see the beautiful tools she used to shape my experience. At her urging I rolled over and the excitement I felt at being so vulnerable in her hands and my openness to her creative touch was apparent in my swollen member. As she traversed my body using her soft hair, sensual touch, and warm moist mouth I could feel my growing anticipation of being a fully completed and living piece of art at one with my artist who so intentionally and creatively molded me, formed me, and shaped my experience. I watched as she moved erotically in perfect concert with my being and as I watched I could feel and see my growing fullness as she moved me so carefully toward completion. It was then a moment of fulfilled fantasy as my body released with full force its energy and the anticipation of awakening with new vigor and life was preceded by an erotic release of all the artist had created within me. I was lost in the Garden of Eden and now wait to return to experience again only to be imagined moments of sensuality, ecstasy, and erotic fantasy. Eden, thank you for opening your gates of pleasure for me to enjoy.




My Trip to  Eden



After going back and forth with her for literally months, finally the stars aligned and was able to schedule a meeting at her beach side playhouse.  Her video (which I admit having watched more than once) in addition to her new photos finally threw me over the edge.  Upon arriving at her lair and dispensing with the welcome hug and break the ice chat I made myself comfortable and laid face down on the bed.  Eden has quite an interesting setup with strategically placed mirrors so there is no need to have to break your neck to watch the action.

I was surprised at how tiny this lady really is.  She can’t be 5′ tall and her body is ALL tits (no complaints here).  Nuru applied and she began her rub.  I call it a rub but there is very little of her hands being used.  It seems that her breasts, ass and “lady cookie” do all of the work.  Quite a feeling having this firecracker on you and feeling all parts of her body thoroughly massaging you.  The view in the mirrors was priceless.

On the flip the conversation slowed and the sensuality heated up.  What follows can only be described as sensual sensory overload. Even the soft moans she makes add to the moment.  The experience to me was as sexual as you can be without actually engaging in full service.  The finish after this long build up was magnificent and on par with her video demonstration.

Eden takes a lot of pride in her craft and it shows.  She gives an experience unequaled in the BR side of Indi and I highly recommend to everyone who has yet to experience her.






I felt very humbled and privileged when Eden invited me to be her inaugural guest at her new upscale location in a quiet residential area of Fort Lauderdale.

Her large and spacious playroom is nicely outfitted with hardwood floors, artwork, a separate hot stones table with the required accoutrements including heating elements, etc. Sadly, I did not have the time to experience Eden’s talents in this area of her expanded range of services.

Like fine wine, whiskey, blue jeans and artwork, Eden gets better over time and it is essentially impossible to expand the superlatives which have described Eden’s craft (we indeed are her canvas), intuition, sensuality and outright eroticism as your body is relaxed yet fully aroused at the same time. She truly gives an effort of 120% and won’t see a client unless she can give it her all.

As I believe in some restraint, given this having been my third visit with Eden in a shade over a year, this will be my last narrative but I hope to see Eden again and experience her hot stones therapy.

A visually appealing fully outfitted shower/restroom including body wash, shampoo, body spray and even shaving cream is available/essential after being slathered in Nuru gel. :-)





OK, spending time with Eden is different than anything else that you have ever tried. And her style of Nuru body-to-body massage left me completely relax and drained.

I’ve sworn off the AMPs (ASIAN MASSAGE PARLORS)completely and I’m saving my quarters for my next trip to Eden.

And don’t try anything less than the 90 minute session.  Nuru should not be quick and over with.  It needs to be enjoyed, experienced fully, and not rushed.

Eden and I had a great time together, and like the other lucky ones, we connected on an intimate level.

She’s the best at what she does.






After a long hiatus, I returned to Eden recently. I don’t know why I stayed away so long. There are many reviews, and there is also her Nuru video, so I so not have to go into much detail. She is a delight to talk to, her physical appearance seems to get better each time I see her, and her techniques will leave you breathless. Because of our comfort level with each other, she showed off her skills at prostate massage. It is not something I do often, but she did this just as it should be done. I have known Eden for years so, obviously a big YMMV.

A great session with a great lady. If you haven’t seen her, look at her video, and then make an appointment. What you see is what you get…..


A Trip to Eden



I am sure this review will come to no surprise to those who have had a taste of Eden and her Nuru Massage techniques and to those who have never taken the time to meet this amazing woman you are LONG overdue.

I am long overdue on this review as work has kept me not only from the hobby, also it has kept me from posting this review as it is about two weeks overdue.

I have been trying to get with Eden for a while.  Our schedules never seemed to sync up properly. Then voila one day it did just after Christmas. I met her at a very nice older hotel right on the waterfront in Fort Lauderdale. It was easy to find and she was very prompt and ready for our encounter. She is a very compact, built and vivaciously beautiful woman. Smart, witty and very in touch with her passions and desires. This is what makes her encounters so unique for each individual. She glided from top to bottom all over every inch of my back and legs. Mirrors were all around, candles and music. Everything was very slow and sensual, deep and cathartic. You can easily lose yourself in this woman’s eyes when she is sliding all over you pressing and gasping, kneeding and needing in both senses of the word. It is a very tantric experience. She listens to your sounds and the way your body moves and slowly but surely she becomes attuned to your needs and passions. It is a very relaxing and exhausting experience to say the least. You feel very loose and relaxed at the end of your sessions with her. YMMV obviously as there needs to be that bond that forms slowly between two people. The more she feels comfortable around you and the more and more you experience her the more and more passionate the experience becomes.

I have been around the block a bit and I can say I have rarely been exhausted from an encounter with any provider no matter the type or time spent. I found myself passing out when I got home for a few hours waking up quite refreshed and relaxed when it was all said and done.

If class, charm, eloquence, beauty, passion and satisfaction are what you are looking for you really don’t have much further to look than this lady right here. Definitely a unique experience in a garden I will gladly visit time and time again. I thank you for an amazing time and apologize for my delayed review. Seeing as two people resigned this week my work load has become insane. I hope we can make the time to frolic again Eden. Until then I wish you all the best in the new year you are truly one of a kind and a blessing to this board and the people who get to spend their time with you.



Eden Experience: The Epitome of Eroticism



As I was enjoying a relaxing day off from the turmoil of working two jobs I found myself stretched out on the couch for an afternoon nap. I was in need of some serious de-stressing as I closed my eyes and drifted into a nice somber sleep. For quite some time now I had been thinking about Eden and the nuru experience. I spent a lot of time reading and researching the aspects of not only nuru, but Eden as well. All of these spiraling thoughts in my head as well as curiosity must have been the pretext for my afternoon dream. It all started with an introductory PM that contained an interest in meeting and a bit of personal history for reference. I received a rather sweet reply to my inquiry with the approbation for an appointment, and a few PM’s later, our interlude had been arranged. After a couple of days of excited anticipation and a relatively short drive, I arrived at a nice incall location in Ft. Lauderdale with ample parking. We have all seen pictures of Eden and I have to say that when I walked through the door I was pleasantly surprised to see a petite, charming, and adorable woman standing before me with quite a youthful appearance. Her smile lit up the room and her vivacious personality immediately made me feel welcome. We exchanged pleasantries and began to get comfortable. Eden had aptly placed two mirrors in close proximity to the bed, one at the head, and one to the side and it didn’t take long for me to figure out that they were there for my viewing pleasure. I laid face down on the bed as a most anticipated session began.

Eden moved her way up on top of me and began to apply some nuru gel. My eyes were wide open as I witnessed her apply the gel and begin to gently glide her lubricated body across mine. Back and forth, and side to side, with twists and turns she was gliding with such gracefulness as if she was skating on ice. The sensation of feeling her ample breasts among other body parts smoothly sliding across me from head to toe was nothing less than erotic. It was simply amazing as I watched her utilize her hands, feet, breasts, hips, and knees in a harmonic motion of pure bliss. I don’t know what nuru gel is made of but thank God for it as I am sure without it we would have certainly burst into flames from the friction. It was now time to turn over and the body sliding excelled to the next level. It was like a well orchestrated dance as Eden moved in rhythmical fashion. I asked if I could touch and she said yes but to wait for a bit. After a while she grabbed my hands and placed them on her body. She is all natural and very soft to the touch as my hands roamed about. Her subtle glances, touches, and vocal additions continued to build on the inevitable outcome. Eden moved down and began to employ her oral skills with a most enjoyable BBBJ on top of everything else going on. It was as if she could read my mind and felt what I felt as she brought me to the edge of exploding and then lightened her touch to keep me right there at that peak. The intensity was phenomenal as I reached the point of no return and she knew it and picked up the pace for an extremely profound finish! I was in awe and she explained that it was the tantric touch applying the right amount of pressure in the appropriate spots. Eden is a perfect example of the fact that the finer things in life are well worth it! Eden’s nuru is a one of a kind experience I couldn’t recommend more highly.



My Eden Expedition: From the Serpent’s POV



So I devoured every review of Eden since she began her odyssey into Nuru sensual body rubs. Though I’ve been on Indy for several years, I only recently began to partake in the offerings. The prior statement is in defense of Eden’s legitimate question to me “why did you wait so long to see me?” So, at the top of my SBR list I contacted Eden via PM. She responded as promptly as could be expected for such an obviously busy gal. I shared my references, she replied back once I was deemed safe with a note and a thank you for “introducing” her to one of my references (instant wood, with visions of future 3-ways dancing in me head). I then proceeded to set up a date with Eden and away we went.

Arrived at her charming Old Lauderdale oceanfront incall, we were both punctual and ready. She greeted me in that hot red dress from her pictures, her deep dark eyes sparkling and a strong hug-and-a-kiss presented. She asked me to get comfortable and to lie face down on the California-king-sized bed, as she too got comfortable and began the session.

Nuru gel is not oil, it’s not water, it’s not syrup. It’s Nuru gel, and she has the right stuff that makes the experience special. Slathered onto her petite, voluptuous body is an enjoyable sight in itself. She began to caress my back, legs, neck, shoulders and everywhere accessible with her entire kit of body parts. Some softer than others but all slippery and slidey. As you can see from her pictures, “they’re real – and spectacular”. Her rack is soft and plushy, applied by her core, hands and arms with deft maneuvering to guide them onto and into every spot on your body.

We talked during the session, except for some crescendo moments where sensual, breathy moans were offered. She reminded me of the side mirror though I was enjoying the front mirror very much. Now the side view gives you somewhat of an “out of body” experience where you look at what’s going on and think to yourself “man, look at that hot chick all over that lucky guy!”. Of course, that lucky guy was me.

She announced the flip, maneuvering me to the ideal spot for both of our bodies to fit comfortably on the bed (and maintain the mirror views), then continued the slow, erotic, sensual tease when more of me was accessible to, again, her entire kit of body parts. Here and now begins the slow tease, where hard/soft/tight/loose pressure is applied all over to maximize the thrill. Without going into detail beyond the YMMV in respect to Eden’s privacy and your future excursion into your own unknown, let’s just say that this This THIS is what, to me, hobbying is all about. During and after our session I realized that I really love the tease and buildup, as Eden showed me how it’s done in her own unique style and grace.

She led me to a hot shower for cleanup, and surprise to me I was still mostly stiff (not my back, btw) from the session. Not something I am accustomed to these days! Eden offered to help relieve my stiffness, but – dammit! – I had to head out to keep my afternoon schedule intact.

So my visit with Eden was full of positives. Her session was all about me – she provides a generous, giving experience. I often feel guilty in situations where I am not really able to give back or achieve some sort of equity, but Eden does it with such passion that the BEST way to experience and enjoy time with her is be the receiver, let go of your alpha-dog tendencies and take it like a man.


Eden Experience: I’m a Changed Man



What can I possibly say about Eden that hasn’t been said.  Not much really, other than any positive review I’ve read is absolutely spot on and perhaps even understated.  My experience started with a phone call to Eden about a month before I finally got to meet her.  She took and presumably checked my references and we set up a date and time which was scrupulously adhered to.  The whole Nuru thing was an adventure I’ve never experienced and I’m considering swearing off all other sorts of “entertainment” to focus exclusively on the Eden experience.  But, alas, I haven’t heard or saw anything that is remotely in the same solar system as what I’ve experienced.  Example: I’ll be in Vegas next month, I’ve searched and searched for someting remotely resembling the Eden experience, NADA!  (Any help would be appreciated.)  I guess I’ll need to visit South Florida more often.  Oh, I’ve noticed a whole new vocabulary starting to emerge on the board surrounding the Eden experience.  Grok, Edensetizing, Eden’ed, etc.  Well, I have an addition to make.  For those of you that have had the good fortune of spending some quality time with this goddess, you will recall that while she is doing the slip-sliding on your back, she manages to massage your butt with hers.  She also manages to get her o (think dat”o”) to be perfectly positioned onto your o, and somehow massage yours with hers.  It felt AWESOME! And I’ve decided to call it o2o.  So, add that to the list of Edenactivities one may experience.  Needless to say, I will repeat.  Unfortunately, because I only make my way to South Florida 3-4 times a year, so I’ll have to just avail myself of Eden’s awesome video to reminisce.  The only thing I’m actually wondering about is, how does Eden top perfection?  How does a 2nd Eden experience possibly surpass your first one?   This is not a rhetorical question, any comments are welcome.

Eden, I will treasure the experience, Thank you! 



Eden: Wow!



Between her website and this board, Eden provides an unusually large number of photos of herself. In doing so, she tries hard to give an accurate picture of what you will find when you meet her. She even also posts a video of herself that is so incredibly hot that it borders on cruel and inhuman punishment to provide such a thing to poor horny guys. So with all of that information, I thought I knew exactly what I would find when I saw her but when I met her I was quite surprised to find a gal who I found to be much prettier and sexier than her photos. But her beauty is just a part of the story.

Once we undressed, I was thrilled by what I saw. If you are a fan of NATURAL, large, beautiful, and youthful looking breasts (ummm, who isn’t?) then hers are worth the price of admission in themselves.

I have had plenty of sensual massages before and have seen videos of nuru massages but never experienced one before. The massage she provided was as erotic as I can possibly imagine any could be. She continuously slid her fantastic breasts, body, and private parts all over me for the longest time, working me into a lather. The feeling was so pleasurable I wanted to close my eyes to enjoy it, however she strategically placed a mirror in front of me to allow me to watch the action and seeing those gorgeous breasts all over me made the experience even hotter.

By the way, remember the video I mentioned above? That is real. What you see is what you get. This gal is far too classy for me to detail all that followed but suffice to say, it was an experience I won’t forget any time soon. I was absolutely drained after she finished me in such a sensual and spectacular fashion. She continued my massage and was fun to be with for the rest of my session. She recommends on her website that you book 90 minutes with her the first time and I second that recommendation. You will want to savor a session with this doll for as long as you possibly can.

I can’t wait to return and most certainly will soon. She is one adorable, erotic and terrific lady. This is one dream you should turn into your reality.



Eden: A New, Different, and Exciting Experience



When it comes this hobby— either section of the board— plain vanilla is usually A OK with me. Occasionally, though, we all crave something new and exciting and a session with Eden fits the bill perfectly. She provides a high energy, incredibly hot and sexy performance from start to amazing finish. She goes all out for entire session and everything she does seems to have one purpose–to drive you crazy. With me, she accomplished her objective. Yes, I had tried a Nuru massage once before but that would be like comparing a golfer at the local public course with a top PGA money winner. So even if you have had what you think was a “slip and slide”, or “body to body”, or “Nuru”, you should consider yourself a virgin if you have not yet seen Eden. So I guess I’m saying Eden stole my virginity this week and was it was a blast.




Eden: A  Heavenly Delight

E…Erotically D…Divine E…Euphoric N…Nirvana



I’ve had my eye on Eden for well over 4 years from when she posted on another site but her services were in conflict with my marital status. Over the years, I have noticed a maturation in Eden, reflected in at least her posts where she exhibited a greater depth of her profession and the kind of unique session which she has become famous for and a special place is the hearts and minds of both men and women.

Eden and I had sent each other dozens of PM’s over the past month and I became further enamored of her while getting my references in order as I am new to this scene. I was able to share wih her things about myself few others know, not even my siblings and we developed a special bond even before we met but they were shared in PM’s and are not for public consumption. She is truly a sage and her has the wisdom of a sage.

That said, since I joined Indy 5 months ago, upon reading Eden’s posts in threads, not just her ad posts,
I came to further appreciate the time, effort and passion Eden has for her craft and how seriously she
takes it. Gentlemen, do not misunderstand me. Eden is a sexual TNT-laden dynamo, a vocal, visual
and exceptionally talented sexual practitioner. Her sessions are all about you where she strategically
places you to observe directly and via mirrors, her lithe and yet buxom body all over you, urging you to
look around and see the sights. I actually needed to be prodded to open up my eye (inside joke)
because as sexually charged as she is, I was at total inner peace with her increased rhythmic vibrations
on my back, backside and legs. The sensation of her rubbing what she calls her “cookie” is sensational
and spine tingling. She is an acrobat! She is actually an artist and we are her canvas.

When she asked me to turn over, as would be expected, the pace of her movements and gyrations
became more intense as she continuously put more gel on herself and I had and still have this vision of
this Godess slathering it all over her chest, stomach and below.

Eden is too classy, intelligent, sweet and kind for me to further elaborate on the climactic finish she
provides. I will leave that for you to digest in her other reviews, her own posts and especially, her
erection-inducing (and wetness for ladies) video. If it ran a few more minutes…..

Time spent with Eden is time very well spent as she is a very, very special woman. As beautiful as her
face and physique are, what she has inside of her and in between her ears are even more special. I can
honestly say she has a special place in my heart outside of this board.

I anticipate going to the Garden of Eden again and again and hope one day, if there is a heaven, I will be
admitted there to have a different kind of Garden of Eden for eternity. Until then, this Eden will be my privilege to be with and my own little heaven on earth.



My Time Spent in Eden



Let me start by saying I, probably like most, had been looking at edens ads for awhile before taking the plunge. I had always seen those older pics and though t” she has to be older in person”. Then she can out with those recent pics and I just couldnt wait anymore. With that many positive reviews there had to be something there so I called.

My radar isn’t usually wrong but damn was it wrong this time!!

The setup was simple. But from the minute I walked in, the evening was all about me. I stated before what I thought I would see, someone obviously older than the pics portray but I was astonished. SHE IS YOUNGER IN PERSON!!!! The naked woman standing in front of me was a confident, classic little angel. Photos do this woman no justice whatsoever. Everything from this point on was pure ecstasy. No clock watching at all. It was just about my relaxation and pleasure. She is simply, in a word, spectacular.

Then to top it all off, when everything was over and I figured here comes the rush out, I was wrong again. We layed there and talked for about 15 minutes. She’s intelligent and well rounded. A perfect ending to a blissfully relaxing evening.

If you haven’t been yet, you are wasting money. I can’t wait for round two.

You’re the greatest baby. Muah!!!!!



Eden Eden Eden Nuru Massage: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!



After reading a review or three on here and checking out the smoking hot business suit pictures on her website, there was something about her look and the description of the Nuru Massage which intrigued me so much that I made an appointment to see Eden today. The anticipation of waiting three days for the appointment after making this decision nearly killed me and I was literally aching with desire when I got to her incall earlier this afternoon. I was not disappointed – this beautiful little lady opened the door and made me very welcome, I had made a dress up request which she followed up on very effectively.

I took a quick shower and lay down; she has a nice touch with the mirrors which I appreciated and the thought of those breasts covered in oil rubbing me down is making me hard again as I write this. Most of you know that this is not a FS experience, but who gives a damn, the Nuru thing is freaking awesome when she rubs you all over with her incredible, athletic and lithe body. On the flip the erotic and again athletic activity continues for an awesome and hot finish BBBJDTCIMNQNS. Made use of the full hour and she is fun and genuine to talk to. I think I will be back…Thanks Eden.

Also, I should make it clear that I am a different person from the guy with the handle Fatboy2007. I’m sorry that I chose a handle similar to his, but want to make it clear that we are different folk and have no association. Also, unlike him I am actually fat, even if I’m not technically a boy anymore. I don’t own a Harley either. I do eat at LaSpadas every now and again though.



Walkertee Gets Nuru From Eden, Read All About It!



So I know Eden from outside of Indy. We are in touch with each other almost every day about one thing or another. I have been helping her out with some problems and issues she was having with her computer. I gave all 5 seasons of “The Wire” on DVD plus the movie “Flowers of War”. To show her appreciation she offered me a free 1 hour nuru session. I told her she didn’t have to do that but she insisted and who am I to refuse such an offer?

Her nuru massage was similar to what one sees in the Japanese nuru videos. I was unprepared for what I received. It was far more enjoyable and sensual then I expected. Eden really knows the art of eroticism. I can’t remember the last time my dick was so hard for so long. The combination of her personality, style and technique was amazing. Besides having her massage my whole body with her naked body, she also incorporates her mouth and tongue in the festivities. She kept bringing me to the brink of orgasm and then backing off. It was torturous but in a good way. The finish was a BBBJCIMNQNS…with a smile!

She is a very lovely young lady. She is a tiny thing too, standing about 4’11”. There was nothing phony about her. She seems to love what she does. I highly recommend her.



REVIEW: Eden’s Review of Victoria The Great! Vicky gets Licky!



I called Vicky one rainy afternoon to get a reference check on a client who was coming to see me. She had never heard of me, as I am fairly new at advertising body rubs on here. I gave her my website information, and she said she would look at it and call me right back. A few minutes later, my phone rang. Not only did she provide me with a reference for the client, but she also invited me to come by her place sometime and allow her to give me a sensual body rub. She claimed she liked the way I looked, as well as my personality on the phone, and wanted to meet with me. A couple evenings later, I went by her house in Pompano, excited to make a new friend. I was, however, quite a bit nervous as this was my first time ever actually “receiving” an erotic body rub by another woman. The door opened, and I was greeted by an extremely sexy woman with sparkling blue eyes and a beautiful smile. She appeared much more attractive in person than her pictures. Although she is athletic, she is still soft and feminine with great curves. There is nothing on this planet that turns me on quite like a woman who has those kind of sinful feminine curves I love! Soon, I was no longer nervous, as her outgoing personality made me feel immediately comfortable. We chatted for a bit, then she walked me over to her massage table which overlooked a pool on a beautiful waterfront. It portrayed an extremely sensual ambiance, as if it were the set of a romantic movie classic. We both undressed, and I lay flat upon my stomach on top of the massage table. She started rubbing massage oil on my back, and soon got on top of me and started rubbing her breasts up and down my entire body. The feel of her large, hungry nipples piercing my back almost drove me over the edge with the wild anticipation of what was to come. Although I have performed this many times before with my clients, having it performed upon me was a completely different type of experience. I found it to be incredibly sexually stimulating and erotically hedonistic. Her fingers eventually began to rub the innermost region of my thighs, and I was getting more and more worked up with every second that passed. She is incredibly gifted with her hands, knowing exactly where and how to touch. Eventually, I rolled over, and after rubbing her breasts against mine, hard nipple to hard nipple, we heatedly began to kiss. Vicky is an extraordinarily sensual woman with the softest mouth I think I have ever felt upon mine. That mouth traveled slowly all over my body, eventually finding my “lovely lady cookie,” as I nickname my female nether region. Vicky was truly talented in that department, knowing exactly how to please as only another woman can. Of course, I insisted on returning the favor, and found her very beautiful there, completely shaved, and tasting deliciously sweet. It appeared from the noises she made and the juices flowing she enjoyed herself as well. Victoria is a class act, truly talented, and absolutely lovely. She is a must see for all.



REVIEW: Eden, Jessie and Me: Yes, 3 Is a Crowd But a Really, Really Hot Crowd!



Had a 2-girl massage the other day with Eden and her friend Jessie. It was the first time I ever had an intimate encounter with two women at the same time. Now I see why the Roman Empire fell.

Eden’s talents are well documented here and I will confirm (since it was my 2nd massage with her) that her skills are the best. Very in touch with what arouses a man, not shy in the least and a very real woman. Used her entire body, appendages and breathing to bring me to another world.

Jessie is the type of girl you meet in college and fall in love with. A very beautiful 20s something with a perfect body, very pretty face and sweet demeanor. Her skin was so soft and like Eden, she was down-to-earth, easy to talk to and very intuitive with my body as her domain. I can only imagine how unappetizing I looked, being a guy in my 40s. Oh well, maybe she was on a charity mission but she didn’t show it at all.

All three of us had a great time at Eden’s incall and I’m so grateful she arranged it since our schedules took a while to come together, so to speak.


REVIEW: Eden Part Deux



Having seen Eden for the first time “way” back on November 8 (http://independentgi…elight/?hl=eden) when I was still getting my Indie feet wet, I had an opportunity to see her again yesterday and my oh my, how things have changed…for the better of course!

Eden is still the crackerjack busty vixen (video vixen as well!) we’ve all come to love and enjoy, but her techniques have continued in their refinement to further enhance our visual, physical and other sensory elements we possess.

Eden is leaner and stronger and sure packs a bundle of positive energy and output from that petite frame.

My session was enhanced immeasurably by our becoming true friends since my initial encounter which gave this experience a new high in intensity while also achieving utter bliss and peace of mind.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Eden is the artist while we are her canvas and when it comes to Nuru, not only has she set the standard, she is the =@.

With the abundance of literary documentation praising Eden’s vivacious personality, skills and erotic artistry, there’s very little I can contribute at this point.



It’s All About Eden Sensual Massage – Erotic and Pleasing



I’m a fan of massage, both therapeutic and sensual, and have managed to
have experiences all over the world as I travel the world on business.
In Japan I’ve had the traditional Shiatsu as well as nuru massages in
the “pink salons,” In Koln Germany I’ve enjoyed tantric massages, and
in Thailand the traditional massages (ouch), the oil massages and the
famous Soapy Massages.

I was planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale and I was looking for a nice
sensual body-rub. I’ve been on the Indiboard for several years and
ran across an ad and some reviews of All About Eden. The
advertisement was enticing and as I read the reviews I knew that I had
to partake. Scheduling was fairly easy and several days later I
found myself at her location. I walked into the room, closed the door and
was welcomed by a warm smile and a hug. Soon after arrival Eden
suggested we both get naked and that I lay face down on the bed; an
invitation I was anxiously waiting for.

Eden poured a nice unscented oil all over her body and used her
natural applicators to spread the oil all over mine. The “applicators”
slid all over in a highly erotic manner making sure to not miss any
body parts. Eden uses every part of her body as a natural erotic
massage tool spreading pleasure wherever it touches. I could
feel the softness of her natural breasts and the warmth of her
“lady cookie” as they pressed and moved strategically all over me.
Some of the areas that were more or less unreachable were cared for by
her roaming hands. The experience was highly erotic and she seemed to
be receiving equal pleasure from the experience communicated by her
moans timed with her erotic pressure.

It was time for the “flip.” The reviews indicated YMMV so I was not
sure what to expect. I was not disappointed. To be clear, this is
NOT a FS experience. Being a gentleman, I inquired about “mutual
touching” and was assured that it is OK, but somewhat limited. I took
that as a qualified YES and proceeded to try to return some pleasure.
Eden continued the body rub simulating and teasing with CG, RCG like
positions as well as normal B2B rubs. Plenty of attention was paid to
“the boys” below. Besides body and hands, there was a generous and
strategic use of her tongue and lips. My hands roamed carefully
following her moans and her eyes delivering subtle stimulation which
had the effect of increasing the pleasure for both of us. Eden has mastered
the art of delay and denial prolonging the main event until just the right time.
When the time finally came it was powerful and satisfying. Eden is
not a clock watcher and manages the time very subtly. I got at least
my scheduled time plus a bit and there was never any rush.

Eden hung my clothes in the closet so they wouldn’t get wrinkled and
at the end of the session she invited me to take a shower and handed
me fresh and soft towels. Details like these cap off a perfect

This was a wonderful experience; one not to be missed.







Had a dream yesterday at Noon….I met for the first time a very petite (4’11″) vixen with curves (36DD) by the name of Eden on Fort Lauderdale beach. It was a heavenly full hour being introduced to her Tantric Nuru body-to-body oil rub. I have been wanting to meet-up with Eden for several months but our schedules never quite synched….until yesterday .
Found Eden to be as described in reviews by others before me as a lovely, perky and fun-loving person. The HE was fantastic from my toes to the top of my head that had me quivering for at least 30 seconds afterwords .
Believe I have found my new Indie ATF .
Until the next dream I will be thinking of Eden!


Eden: Great Experience



I don’t really do reviews, but will try and contribute more. I have seen some of the Indy girls over the years and having watched Eden’s posts, I decided to contact her.

Meeting her in person compared to seeing her pictures in the posts is like comparing 2D to 4D movies. She not only looks great, but projects warmth and energy which makes you feel so at ease, a full sensory experience throughout the whole session. Her posts accurately describe what your experience will be like and then she exceeds expectations.

The important things – Would I see her again and answer is yes. Would I recommend her and answer is yes.



All About Eden And Me



I won’t go into acronym detail and I will not try to outdo her existing reviews because they’re just over-the-top. I only wanted to go on the record as the newest member of Eden’s fan club.


Since she was my first contact from anyone on Indy, we were both a little apprehensive, to be honest. But, within a few minutes, I was in tantric NURU heaven with all of her beautiful body parts sliding all over mine. None were overlooked and I’m still feeling the effects of a 4th of July-type finish.

She is passionate and talented. Her skin is incredibly soft and her personality is fun, easy going and exactly what I like in a provider. I will certainly be seeing her again.



Eden Fantastic: Breaking My Indi Cherry



This is my first review so go easy on me please.
I do not know where to begin with Eden. I do not know what I can add to what has already been written about her. She is an absolutely wonderfull person. Set up was very easy despite some cell phone connectivity issues. She is absolutely beautiful in person. The Nuru massage was unlike anything that I have ever experienced. Out of respect for her I will not go into the details but all I can say is the same thing that other reveiwers have said and that is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is truly a treasure to this board and worth every penny of her donation.



Eden: My First Review



I’ve been lurking on these boards for some time now and visited a few girls, but no one was compelling enough to get me to write a review. Until today.

I visited Eden by Ft Lauderdale beach.  I was greeted by a surprisingly pleasant room (light music, incense, candles / the works) and of course Eden. We clicked immediately, which doesn’t happen very often and I felt sincerely welcome. The pictures are accurate, but don’t capture her sexy feminine energy.

The massage was very fun, not what I would call therapeutic, but a lot of her being oiled up and sliding up and down my body. It was also tantric, meaning that she teased me a lot with her beautiful boobs (and her tongue), so that I was squirming for release by the end. I’m not sure how much detail I should go into regarding the ending, but I received much more than I expected and left as a very happy man.

All in all Eden is a lovely girl and I received great service, a little bit pricy, but very much worth it. Please take care of her, so I can go back for more :)



Eden Revisited



I saw Eden recently after having not seen her for quite awhile. I must say that her bodyrub technique has improved tremendously, and her version of nuru was very fun and satisying. Lots of slipping and sliding with a long build up to a powerful ending. If you haven’t seen her in awhile, you should. 


Eden………………….. All I Can Say Is WoW



Saw Eden for the first time Sunday. It is hard to say more than that. What a great experience. Looks better than her pictures. The NURU tools are beautiful, tasty, and boy does Eden know how to treat you. I don’t see how you could leave feeling anything but totally relaxed, pampered, like a King, and smiling ear to ear. Thank you Eden for a wonderful Sunday afternoon.